Pathao is a dynamic platform that provides on-demand shipping, food delivery, logistics, and payment services. An application for all solutions! Travel safely with a motorbike or car on demand from Pathao and get there on time! Use Pathao Digital Payments and make secure & convenient transactions for your travels every day.

- Live your passion for riding motorbikes, driving cars, or cycling - and make money doing it! You can earn as much as you need and work whenever you want to on the highest-earning platform of the country.

- Download the app, and sign up. Have a look around. Submit the necessary documents. We’ll guide you through the steps and have you ready to move.

- Enjoy seamless transactions and smart payments with Pathao Pay.

- Help people travel or get deliveries around the city. Be a hero and get paid while you’re at it!

- No fixed working hours. You are your own boss.


Features of Pathao:

- Daily leaderboard with the chance to win bonus sums of money.

- Track your earnings and stats.

- Submit all your documents within the app.

- Discover hot zones and quests for extra bonuses.

- Get notifications, messages, and support from the Pathao team.

- Every trip you take is fully tracked by GPS for safety and security

- Real-time tracking of your journey

- Fare calculation breakdown

- View details of previous rides/orders/deliveries in history

- Seamless transactions and easy payments with Pathao Pay

- Apply promo codes to get discounts

- Having trouble? Let us know through the in-app support

How to use Pathao:

- Choose your location, request a ride, and be selected in minutes.

- Pay the driver in cash or Pathao Pay and evaluate your itinerary!

You can also share your location during the trip to let your friends know where you are.

- Choose your location and request a Pathao car and you will be picked up in minutes!

- Pay the captain and rate your itinerary.

- Choose your payment method (pay, bKash, credit/debit card) at the end of the trip.

- Choose the amount you need to pay and confirm the payment.