Parking Mania

Parking Mania is an extremely hot and very addictive parking game. If you are confident that you have firmly controlled the steering wheel and can wriggle through every corner, then try with Parking Mania to find that parking is never easy.

Originating from the idea of ​​parking the car to the right place, the manufacturer of the game Chillingo has turned this boring job into a very damaging game: Control the car so that it is parked in the right position with many obstacles and Other peripheral factors. It sounds like nothing outstanding, but you have to experience it to really understand the difficulty of this game.

In the first levels of Parking Mania there are not many turns, the control of the car is quite convenient. Going higher levels the bends will be more, more urgent, the parking locations are also in tougher places. At first you only have to park at one point, you also see the parking spot on the screen, later you will have to park at more points, the parking spots may not be visible. You must follow the arrows on the screen to see these stops.

Sometimes you will be going on a deserted road, alone a road, there are levels you will have to cross the road to park with many vehicles traveling on the road, you have to choose to go, and avoid the car will be difficult. more. Impatient cars will constantly whistle to urge you. Driving a car in different weather conditions will also affect accuracy. And there are many more interesting surprises waiting for you to discover.

Each level you will have 5 networks to play Parking Mania, this number is marked with 5 cars in the upper right corner of the screen. Every time a collision occurs, you lose a car. Collisions can occur when you hit roadblocks, flower beds, hit parked cars, or hit traffic. When you lose all 5 cars you have to replay that level. The number of lives will be refreshed as you play to another level.

The money you earn will be used to buy more cars to increase your network. When completing a difficult bend you will receive a bonus, the amount of money depends on the time to complete the task and the silk of the steering wheel. Do not forget to earn coins, because sometimes they are not on the route you go, these coins will help increase your bonus.

FEATURES of Parking Mania

- 230 free to play, challenging levels

- 80 beautiful vehicles, and many designs

- The beautiful shimmering roads and undue parking spots

- Connect with Facebook to play with friends

- Compete with players around the world on the leaderboards built into the game

- Beautiful graphic effects, vibrant sound, with bumps, car horns ...

- Intuitive controls

At each level, new scenarios, new parking spots and road obstacles will be changed with increasing difficulty. The higher you go, the movement will not merely pass static objects, but the player must move in the condition of other vehicles on the road and just bump into any one vehicle, the game will stop right away.

Parking Mania is quite interesting, with a beautiful interface, many vehicles for you to drive, many routes for you to show your ability. Download Parking Mania and enjoy relaxing moments with this addictive parking game.