Parking Mania 2

Play the sequel to Parking Mania 2 with 3D graphics now. Test your parking skills on the roads and become a champion. With hundreds of levels to choose from, you can test your ability to park in parallel or reverse into a difficult position. Be careful not to hit the curb on the road or other vehicles otherwise the police can see and rage. A police officer is always ready to catch you if you cause collisions.

Drive through different garages and challenge yourself. You can invert into a position, meandering around a loop and making sure to be careful with the pavers. No signal is given to assist you. License to hike on the highway but take the car back to tough garage or cove in one piece. Cross the path of delivery trucks without hitting them. Avoid a ticket from a cop. Parallel parks are no joke, especially next to some pavers. Complete levels to earn points, then spend them on awesome upgrades like super cars.

Download Parking Mania 2 is a game that requires accuracy, style and skill of driving and parking of the player. If in real life, every day you have to follow a certain route and repeat the operation of a car in a fixed position, even with the help of automatic parking mode, the reverse Again, each level in Parking Mania Free will offer a different parking challenge.

Each table is a new car with different sizes and designs, but not all, the main difficulty is the terrain changes in each game screen. Each level is a unique context, a new parking spot and the road to parking is also more and more difficult, even hindered by other cars traveling on the road. If parking in a fixed parking space does not hurt you, try to find a parking space on the side of the road, you will have to struggle for a long time to cross the road and land at the right parking spot as prescribed. .

FEATURES OF Parking Mania 2

- 230 free to play, challenging levels.

- 80 beautiful vehicles, and many designs

- The beautiful shimmering roads and undue parking spots

- Connect with Facebook to play with friends

- Compete with players around the world on the leaderboards built into the game

- Beautiful graphic effects, vibrant sound, with bumps, car horns ...

- Intuitive controls

With 3 main control modes, tilting the device to turn left and right, using the virtual steering wheel on the screen or slider, Parking Mania 2 players can completely choose the way that suits them best. Every time you bump into obstacles on the road like buildings, trash, flower grounds or other cars .. you will lose a life and until there are no more lives, the player will lose.