Park4night is an application that allows people to travel in a camping car, fitted truck or 4-wheel drive vehicle to find a place to rest. For this, Park4night locates you and lets you look at the map on the different types of location available.

Therefore, Park4night lists websites that are dedicated to motorhomes but are also excavated by other users. For each location, Park4night says it's a parking lot, campsite, picnic area, etc. and provide a detailed sheet of services on the website.

With this application, it is easy to find a location according to your needs. Also note that Park4night offers users the opportunity to comment on the different areas displayed, a great way to know exactly where you are about to set foot.

The Park4Night app, created in 2011, has quickly become an essential tool for your nomadic trips in a fitted truck, lorry or truck! With this application, you can easily filter your searches, depending on the height of the motorhome, local services, nearby activities. You can save your selections. The nice side is that you can read and leave comments. And even more advantages like syncing with your GPS.

Features of Park4night

- The new management of your GPS location, for better accuracy, when locating locations!

- park4night offLine: Download the locations of the area where you go on vacation!

On-site, no internet connection required to find a place for the night!

You find an internet connection during your vacation, update your backups to take advantage of the latest places to share!

- Create a place in offline mode and send it as soon as you find an internet connection!

How to use Park4night:

Once the installation is complete, users can use the app immediately to find and share places you like to relax, spend the night, picnic, or clear your mind. You just need to press the 'map' button and all the work has been done for you. You will see a map with all marked parking lots and campsites where you can stand with the camper or caravans to rest. If you click on one of these highlighted characters, you will immediately get an explanation of this place with usually a review and sometimes some pictures. You can also find the address here. If you discover a parking space that is not on the app, you can also use it further so that more people can enjoy this place. You can do this simply via the 'Add' button.