Pariox for android is home health care software and includes features such as billing & invoicing, and medication database.

Pariox app provides an offline point-of-care solution for Home Health therapy companies subscribed to our web-based home health therapy software. Our mobile app allows therapists to document treatments, capture patient signatures, and view patient demographics and schedules with or without an internet connection. The intelligent Pariox app automatically synchronizes all of the therapist’s work, caseload calendar, etc. whenever it detects an internet connection.

Pariox android was developed in 2007 by experienced home health therapists as a complete web-based system designed specifically for home health therapy contract companies. The system allows staffing companies to operate more efficiently with less time spent on paperwork and reduced administrative overhead. Pariox offers competitive monthly subscription pricing with unlimited users and a 30-day free trial.

As a web-based system, Pariox can be used anywhere via a variety of mobile devices with an Internet connection, and is not restricted by the type of operating system someone uses. For these reasons, adopting Pariox is financially viable for any therapy contractor of any size.

Pariox app offers every user real-time access to critical information via one of three secure portals designed specifically for therapists, office administrators, and home health agencies. With Pariox, users can securely exchange information about the treatment of a particular patient, optimizing case management and improving the overall quality of care.

Pariox contains comprehensive electronic charting tools. Designed by clinicians, the relevant notes offer increased compliance with documentation guidelines. Real patient eSignatures, automatic pre-populated fields, and other features make Pariox a highly therapist-friendly system. The scheduling component assists in eliminating scheduling errors; users cannot schedule outside of the frequency or certification period. In addition, payroll and invoicing are integrated within the system, providing an end-to-end home health therapy software solution.

Pariox apk is a feature-rich software, within reach of every home health staffing group (large or small), assisting to improve compliance, client satisfaction and ultimately, the bottom line.