game Online is a multiplayer web game in which you must try to draw a blank page with your color! Increase your territory in the arena and defeat other players! Just use your paper blocks to create complete and bigger loops. You will compete with players from all over the world. Do not be too greedy, because you will increase the chance of failure! Will you be the game owner, or will your color disappear?

Capture new territories and defeat enemies in the new exciting game Each player starts with a small island, making it bigger by adding new areas to it, but watch out for enemies. You are safe on your lawn but once you are outside you will become vulnerable. Protect your tail from the opponent and do not hesitate to counter attack!
Conquer enemy lands by sneaking into their lands and making the main area of ​​your land bigger by making sure you get bigger and bigger around your main lands. If one of your opponents touches your row while you are conquering the lands, you will lose. Try to make your land bigger carefully and become the heir of the paper io game!

Features of

- Freedom movement

- New interface can be unlocked

- Challenges to defeat

- Play with friends!

- Full screen available

- Advanced game design. Death appears to be one

- Real painful challenges and new skins available to unlock

- Get a new life by excluding to see ads

Play games based on HTML5

- Free and available in full screen

How to play Game

You are a small square owning 0.66% of the arena when the game starts and your goal is to reach 100% aka to conquer the entire map. This time you fight for territory with agile bots. When you occupy new territory, you must destroy the bot, but the new bot is added. The only sure thing you know about your AI enemies is that they can't spawn in your assets. Therefore, they will focus on the free area making your progress more difficult. Your score is always the percentage you own in the entire game area. You are safe in your territory, but you need to go out and add new areas to your territory to increase your score. You leave the trail when you go out and go back into your property to request the surrounding area. If the enemy hits your trail, you will die. You also destroy enemies by hitting their trails. Once the enemy is dead, his area becomes free and you can conquer it.

Whether you are daring or careful, fool your opponent by finding the best strategy to conquer the greatest space. And be careful, you have a weakness: your tail. If it is touched by an opponent, you are dead.

In addition, make sure to protect your territory because in nothing is certain as long as you do not own the entire territory. Stealing is legal and your opponent will not hesitate to do so.