2 2 is a great sequel to the hugely popular multiplayer game In this title, you have to try and capture as many territories as possible by moving your character and creating complete loops - complete loops will transform the area within your territory.

Time to show off your true colors! In 2 Online, you will compete with other players to conquer as many territories as possible. To do that, all you need to do is create complete loops without touching your own line, and then automatically turn that space into yours! In the meantime, be careful of your enemies and never let them touch your tracks because this will leave you out. You all want the same thing. Can you take the biggest part of the arena?

In the second version of this great game, the gameplay and motion were smoother and the graphics were improved. You can also unlock some interesting new skins and complete various challenges. Can you conquer the Paper arena and gain the biggest territory?

Features OF 2

- Freedom movement

- Full screen available

- New interface can be unlocked

- Challenges to defeat

- Play with friends!

- Advanced game design. Death appears to be a truly painful ordeal

- Get a new life by excluding to see ads

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How to play 2 GAME

The goal of Paper io 2 is to defeat all enemies. Try out all the modes that the game offers and choose the mode that brings the most fun. Do not let an enemy escape from you. That is the only way to win Paper io 2.

Capture new territories and defeat enemies in the new exciting game 2. Each player starts with a small island, making it bigger by adding new areas to it, but consider about enemies. You are safe on your lawn but once you are outside you will become vulnerable. Protect your tail from the opponent and do not hesitate to counter attack!

Increase your territory in the arena and defeat other players! Just use your paper blocks to create complete and bigger loops. You will compete with live players from around the world. Don't be too greedy, because you will increase your chances of failure if you try to bring a large percentage in one go! Will you be the game owner, or will your color disappear?

Paper io 2 can be played alone, with friends or with online players around the world.

Article IO 2 - How to win

Here are three strategies for beginners

- Start on the border

Territory address near the front margin. They are more easily achieved when they limit the directions that the enemy is coming. When you are at the center, you can be smashed from any angle.

- Move in small loops

Do not dare to go too far. Add small pieces of new area to your area without risk of creating long trails. Because your enemies are very fast and randomly appear, it is important to quickly return to your territory where you are safe.

- Request your victory urgently

Get your victim's territory immediately after killing them. If not, new enemies will take them, and this will give you more trouble