Pandora Music apk is an extremely popular online music application today with the aim of helping listeners update the latest songs.

Launched in 2000, Pandora's music streaming project has helped revolutionize the music industry, creating a new standard for online music. Since then, many competitors have emerged with iHeartRadio,, TuneIn and a series of Pandora-like radio models launched with varying degrees of success.

In Pandora's list, there are about 1-2 million songs. After acquiring Radio, Pandora signed deals with several major record labels and launched Pandora Premium - the service at its request.


- There is no denying that music is a means to connect people. Realizing this was a valuable tool, Pandora helped its users connect with friends, share their favorite songs, or simply recommend artists and playlists. However, online customers have a lot of different needs. Pandora does not make much effort in providing basic social features to please social network users. Users can share their favorite stations on Facebook and Twitter, but it is quite boring because the playback request is locked because of the fee.

- Discovering music is Pandora's strong point. The Genome music project mentioned above is Pandora's motivator, offering listeners a huge number of songs. In addition to creating radio stations, the Genome music project helps manage playlists (if you have Pandora Premium) by automatically adding music when you select songs.

- Pandora Music provides free access to online music supported by some occasional ads. The free ads and services help users test the services before deciding to choose paid services.

- With a free Pandora account, subscribers have limited radio functionality. When you choose a song (an artist, an album or any combination) it will give you a broadcast. Click "thumbs up" to select a future song or "thumbs down" to never listen to the song again. Moreover, free users only have access to lower-quality audio streams (limited to 64k AAC) and cannot download desktop clients like Pandora Plus or Pandora Premium users. Both mobile and web users have access to similar features - the same number of skipped songs, available stations, and occasional ads.

- You can also try the free version without ads. Pandora offers a free 60-day trial of Pandora Premium service $ 10 / month (including radio without ads and plays on demand), 30-day free of Pandora Plus service $ 5 / month (radio with no ads but no on-demand broadcasts). Pandora offers members yearly discounts.

- Pandora has a great interface with different user experiences. Pandora offers three different ways to play music, Android or iOS mobile apps, music players in the browser or can be downloaded to the desktop (with Pandora Plus or Premium). With an easy-to-use interface and intuitive controls, the versions provide most of the same experience. Users also have the ability to arrange stations in alphabetical order or by date for quick access. Regardless of how you listen to it, you'll have access to basic information about the artist who's singing, a list of similar artists, and a link so users can buy any song they like. The "Browse" and "My stations" options allow you to quickly switch between listening and exploring music.

- However, Pandora only supports users in the US while Spotify is present in a large number of countries.