Palchateo apk helps users meet and chat with new friends around the world. Not only from Puerto Rico, this chat is organized by rooms with different categories and topics, chat rooms with webcam chat, sending photos in chats, private chats, music ...

Features of Palchateo

An open application with users from around the world, where connectivity is more complete and comprehensive. Maybe you have never met, do not know each other but this application will be a bridge between you.

Chats are organized by rooms with different categories and topics. Each chat room has a moderator to keep order in the conversation and thus adhere to the rules or rules set by the beating authorities, each moderator has the function of silencing if any user Which does not meet the chat rule.

You can chat via webcam, where you can see each other's faces, you know the mood of the person you are talking to, be it expressions, joys, sorrows, anger, ... Chat through webcam will help you to understand each other more quickly and become closer than texting, when you meet outside you can easily recognize each other. Sometimes seeing your loved ones face when they are working in a remote place, this makes you feel like you are near each other.

During video chat, you can also send each other images, emoticons, documents, music files, take screenshots, chatting...

A diverse collection of animations and cute icons will help you easily express your feelings. Sometimes there are words that are difficult to say or you are secretive, or you simply want to make the conversation more vivid with the icon images.

Group discussions with many like-minded friends will help you have more joy in life, so you can develop your hobbies and not be lost in the middle of life. Through the group, you can share information about your interests, for example, if you like to read, you can share with people about interesting books, share your reading or appointment. you through offline meetings to discuss more about the core values ​​of the books you read...

If you don't like group chats, you can also chat privately. The two exchanged information, sending words of love to each other.

You need to allow an application to access device memory.

How to use Palchateo

Download and install the application to your device, then register as a member and log in to use this application. Join and experience the application to make more friends.