Paint Pop 3D is an addictive arcade game, through the ball of your command to shoot to completely paint the walls, and do not touch the black parts are moving. This is an extremely cute and bright shooter, where you have a lot of unique drawn characters to play with. You have colorful paint instead of bullets and a ring. Shoot in a ring to make it colorful! Be sure to avoid obstacles and don't forget to try playing all the available characters - they are really lovely! The amount of paint you have is never finished, so shoot as much as you want! You can easily relieve your stress after playing this colored ball game.

Your task in the game is to control the paint bullet passing through the maze to complete the picture. Touch to draw twisted towers and stay away from obstacles. The best strategy coloring game will give you time to use splashing paint.

Paint Pop 3D is completely focused on coloring by firing paint bullets at a spinning wheel to try to avoid the blades that constantly get in our way. Coloring the plates and be careful with the obstacles.

The controls in Paint Pop 3D are quite simple and this makes the title super dynamic. Just touch the canon to make it fire a bomb or other object and hit the roulette wheel. But be careful because different rotating objects will try to block your way.

Control by holding touch to shoot. Beware of moving obstacles and don't explode them!

The game also offers the ability to customize its characters with different outfits and even reach different bonus screens. Graphics with an attractive design and great animations make the game much more dynamic.

Paint Pop 3D Game has thousands of levels to challenge you, smooth finger control mode, beautiful and bright paint colors, along with you also have to avoid obstacles to finish quickly.

Paint Pop 3D brings more than 1,000 puzzles to the same level of fun, you can comfortably play the game and forget the time to enjoy relaxing moments with friends. In particular, images of funny cartoon characters will bring a lot of fun. There is also an attractive bonus system for winning players.

You must pay close attention in Paint Pop 3D to ensure that you touch the screen for a second. This is the only way to keep your bomb from destroying one of many obstacles. If you hold, you can fire an uninterrupted flow of cannon fodder and destroy each roulette in a shorter time so you can move on to the next level.

Paint Pop 3D gives you the opportunity to show your bombing skills at each target. Be careful though, because you will have to do it without your bullets being redirected to keep increasing the score and beat your own best score.


- Game of controlling paint roller

- Coloring and completing pictures

- Thousands of interesting levels

- Countless beautiful and bright paint colors

- Simple finger controls