Paint By Number apk

Paint By Number - Free Coloring Book & Puzzle Game is an application that helps you relax and avoid anxiety in everyday life by coloring numbers. This game has been chosen by a lot of people to create their own comfort, relieve stress and fatigue after long hours of study and work. With simple gameplay, no high requirements, the game is for all ages. This game has a large number of pictures and is constantly updated will not create boredom for you. You will draw modern masterpieces based on numbers and lots of free and engaging images in Paint by Number, like mandalas, unicorns, food,... House Paint

Complete your own coloring book and Choose your tones by number to bring them to life and form beautiful pictures to share with your friends. There are new pages constantly being added for you, so the fun will never end. When you feel sad or frustrated, you can open this coloring game to calm down and calm your mind. It is a great way to kill time and enrich your spiritual life and blow away your stress.

Featured of Paint By Number - Free Coloring Book & Puzzle Game

This game is the perfect choice to relax, help you release pressure and inner peace with a rich number of images including mandalas, unicorns, food and many other interesting images. New images will be updated daily in large quantities to keep you from getting bored and all images are completely free.

Here you will easily color: just follow the numbers and color the picture with a special palette, drop the color on the same blocks. The Tips tool helps you automatically locate unfinished color numbers, and when you color complete, the color palette will show you that you have finished it. Then you will complete a great work of art.
If you are worried about your artistic ability, you do not have any talent or skill in coloring the images, please be assured that this game does not require high skills. So any age or gender can play.

You can use it anywhere, anytime with just a small smartphone so it will help you kill time very well.

As soon as you finish the work, you can share it with everyone so you can compete with everyone to see whose work is more awesome.

To ensure that you can successfully save and share your artwork, you need to allow the app to have access to photos, media and files on your device, and this permission includes reading and writing. Your internal storage. Only with this app permissions, save and share functions can work properly.

Regular practice will help you play better and can become the best player in this game.

How to play Paint By Number apk

After downloading this app, you can play it.

You just need to keep track of the numbers in the square, and there is a special color scheme that suggests which color each corresponds to. Enjoy coloring games and complete awesome masterpieces, share your artwork with friends, show your different side to them. I hope that this game will help you relieve stress after a hard day.

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