Otohits Companion

Otohits Companion is an application that manages your accounts and links easily and ensures high security. It brings you many interesting and interesting things to use. Otohits Companion is the first store of free applications, games, and videos. There are many users who download Otohits Companion latest version on 9 Free apps every week! Despite the fact that, perhaps, you didn't notice him at first sight. Alternatively, you can also choose your favorite popular apps here! Make your web surfing on Otohits easier. Block all javascript warnings. And we are open, it works on every auto surf. Otohits Compmate is only created for this job: remove all noisy warnings / reminders / javascript confirmations to ensure that web surfing will continue all night long

Leading productivity application. This means that this application does not consume a lot of mobile data. 9Apps also introduces other compelling productivity applications (games) for Android mobile phones.


- Management link

- Account management

- Overview of the case

- News overview

- Shop

- Improved navigation (back button)

- New option for link: Add a link

- New section: Shop

- New section: Information in settings

- New action for link: regain points

- New information for links: access costs

- Bugfix: action layer on the link page is now deleted when the back button is pressed

- PayPal requests access to the Camera / Photo library

How to use Otohits Companion

You must download the application and create an account, then log in with the account information you just created. Then you click on my site click on add site to add your link. Make your surfing on Otohits Compmate easier.