OsmAnd is a navigation and mapping application with free, global, and high-quality OpenStreetMap data access. All map data will be saved on the device memory card for offline use. Besides being online, the application also supports users to download and view offline maps.

The GPS section of the app has some key features like voice guidance, lane guidance, expected live arrival time, day (night) screen mode, fast driving routes when you make a wrong turn. and dedicated cycling routes.

This app provides street maps from simple to complex bases, providing navigation for users of all types of transport. The appeal that makes users choose this map application is that it provides many layers of useful information, from topographic charts to nautical charts, from interesting places in many countries to those The most public and special place is the satellite view from Bing.

Features of OsmAnd

- Directional:

Work online (fast) or offline (no roaming fee when traveling).

Turn on the voice guidance feature (voice recording and synthesizer).

Visual lane guidance, showing street name and total travel time.

Support intermediate points on the journey.

Automatically reroute whenever you go astray.

Search for locations by address (for example, restaurant, hotel, station, museum), or by geographic coordinates.

- View the map:

Displays position and direction on the map.

Automatically map based on the compass or movement orientation.

Save your most important places as Favorites.

Display POI (point of interest) around you.

Show a specialized online map.

Display satellite images (from Bing).

Display different overlays such as touch / GPX navigation and additional maps with adjustable clarity.

Option to display location names in English, local names, spelling tones using OpenStreetMap and Wikipedia Data.

High-quality information from the best collaborative projects in the world.

Global map from OpenStreetMap, supported by country or region.

Wikipedia POIs, great to visit (not in the free version).

Download for free, directly from the app (limited to downloading 10 map files in the free version).

The map is always updated (updated at least once a month).

Compact offline vector map.

Choose between complete map data or only a road network (for example, the whole of Japan is 700 MB, only a road network with 200 MB).

Support an online map or cache.

- Safety features:

Choose to automatically switch between day/night display.

Display options are speed limits, with prompts included if you exceed it.

The choice of zooming the map depends on the speed.

Share places so your friends can find you.

- Bicycle and pedestrian features:

The map includes walking, hiking, and biking routes, great for outdoor activities.

Special route and display mode for cyclists and pedestrians.

Select bus stops (bus, train) including street names.

Choose to record the trip to a GPX file or an online service.

Select display speed and altitude.

The display turns and hill silhouettes (via extra plugin) directly on OpenStreetMap.

Report vulnerability map.

Upload GPX tracks on OSM directly from the app.

Add POIs and upload them directly to OSM.

Option to record route in the background (when the device is in sleep mode).