Oppa Doll is an interesting fashion simulation game. Your task is to dress, change hair color, skin ... for the character and create an extremely handsome and cute Marshal.

Do you love handsome boys? You admire the handsome Korean marshals, smooth white skin, standard body and classy dress style? So why not create your own oppa, follow the style you like? You absolutely can do it in the game Oppa doll for Android.

Oppa Doll game for you a guy, at first looks normal like everyone else, but you can completely transform everything on him from clothes, hair styles to skin color, face, body shape. ... with its own style, capturing every gaze of women. Oppa Doll has more than 100 items, dozens of different costume styles for you to style your character.

Especially, once completed, you can use the character as a sticker or emoticon and send it to friends while chatting on Messenger. Or you can save the image to a 16: 9 ratio and set it as a live wallpaper on your phone. Every time you turn on the phone, you can watch your own oppa. Isn't it great?

Download the Oppa doll game and create your own character, making him the most adorable, sexiest guy in the world.


- 1000 character decoration patterns: The decoration patterns up to 1000 with different types such as: skin color, hair, eyes, face, clothes, wings, stickers ... there are many please use this feature. to create your own unique characters.

- High-class costumes: The clothes in the Oppa doll game are indispensable, the costumes in the game are designed very meticulously and beautifully. The luxurious costumes to the MV costumes for holidays like Halloween, Christmas ... There are costumes that will make your male character special.

- Use character images as emoticons: With special functions you save images with 1: 1 resolution and share them on Messenger. Write the different lines available to make your conversation more interesting.

- Skin, hair, face, wings ... Oppa doll game has all the necessary things to beautify your boy from top to bottom.

- Create a handsome oppa just like you dreamed of.

- From luxurious costumes to performance costumes, concert costumes or Halloween events ... Many costumes help your boy look more special.

- Use oppa in the game as an emoticon: Save images in 1: 1 resolution and share them as an emoticon in Messenger. Other emotions and speech bubbles are also available.

- Create your own background

- Save your image in 16: 9 resolution and create own animated wallpaper for your phone. Every day, handsome oppa appears on the phone screen to help you relax and enjoy.

In Oppa Doll game, try out different costumes and fashion styles for models from dynamic jeans pull shorts to youthful short shorts. This is a simple entertainment game but also highly educational for children. The game helps children learn about costumes and hairstyles, how to combine colors, patterns and styles ... to create a unique style for the model.