Opera News

Opera News provides all the news in many fields such as trending topics, sports, travel, watching and sharing entertainment videos and updating local and global news, all in one app... The news is provided in real-time, the latest and most popular

Features of Opera News

This is an application used by a lot of people.

The app keeps you up to date on the latest news on sports, travel, fashion, science and technology programs ... all provided by leading global and national media. It collects the latest trending videos for you to enjoy, upload video clips from any website and share them. This is the latest collection of entertainment and viral videos for you to enjoy and share with friends.

The content in the application is managed in real-time according to your interests, following your favorite channels to see personalized topics just for you.

The application is highly secure so your preferences and personal information are kept absolutely safe, the application will never share your private data with anyone.
Football information from international competitions is also updated regularly and continuously, including Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, you can follow to update the love clubs. Your likes and comments.

The app has a search bar that gives you top trending searches, allowing you to search for specific topics to read or follow. The search is fast and efficient after you enter what you are looking for and press search, you will get a list of similar content, select one of them to find out.

You can create personalized topics that cover what you follow and by adding a personal option, when you open the app, you only see what is relevant to you. This will save you a lot of time and effort of searching.

At your home screen, you always receive important breaking news notifications directly. The app is always up to date on what is happening around you.

With the app, you absolutely save data, up to 80% of your mobile data, which is great.

You can also save news stories to your phone and read them offline later without using data.

To install and use, you need to allow it access to the device, but it is always safe and secure, so you do not worry about your personal information being revealed.
The app is completely free, easy to use and compatible with most Android, Windows, iOS devices, and has the ability to sync between devices, so you can easily use it anywhere and on anywhen.

Due to the unavoidable shortcomings of the application, so if you have any suggestions and suggestions, please contact the manufacturer to make the application even more complete. "