Ok apk

Ok is a social network similar to facebook, Twitter ... is a place for people to exchange and share personal stories, photos, videos along with a lot of other features. The application is available in many different languages, is easy to use and free so it is used by many people around the world.

Features of Ok

The application helps you can call, text your friends, relatives, colleagues... Send text messages, images, audio and video files and lots of other actions. Everything sent in the conversation is easily reviewed at that moment or later. Instant messaging apps are adapting to a growing number of new features that facilitate easy communication for everyone.

You can also update your status or personal thoughts on any issues you like; Share multimedia elements: photos, videos, and live broadcast just like Facebook Live on your page for everyone to care about. See the videos and posts of the people at the same time. Listen to your favorite music and discover your friends' music tastes and share them with your friends, add music to your favorites or add users with similar interests. You can also comment, express feelings about people's posts and vice versa.

The app provides you with a profile with information about photos, names, contacts and there are many groups of different fields ... so people can find contacts and add them. your network: search for old classmates, acquaintances, search for people and groups with similar interests to you, search your phone book or among your contacts.
You can easily control activity on your profile from the notification area: get notifications for friend requests, gifts, group activities, games ...

You can create private conversations or in groups, each group consists of many members and you can add anyone to the group or let them leave the group, you can also leave the group. Creating this group will make it easier for you to connect with family, coworkers and exchange information and share documents.

The application is completely free and integrates many different languages, so all friends from all over the world can easily contact through this application with very simple operation. Because it is a free application, it will appear some annoying ads, you just need to wait a few seconds to run them and then turn off and then continue watching.
The application is compatible with most iOS, Android and Windows devices, so you can chat with your friends anytime and anywhere. This is convenient for you, enabling you to connect easily.

This application is very safe and secure, all personal information is confidential and not published without your permission.

Because of the benefits, it brings so many people have used this app. "