OGYouTube apk

Want to download YouTube videos to your computer but don't know how and all fails? Right now I will introduce a quality youtube video downloader application for answering phones. Download OGYouTube is an application that helps users can easily download any video on youtube quickly with many file formats such as MP3, MP4, AVA, FLV ... with just a few simple steps. OGYouTube apk has versions for Android and iOS phones, download OGYouTube and experience it yourself.

OGYouTube is considered a special improved version of YouTube, allowing users to download videos with optional resolution or play music videos without opening the application and many particularly useful features.

Features of OGYouTube

- Watch videos when turned off - lock screen: As a special function on OGYoutube app, instead of having to open videos continuously and can not do anything else, with this feature of OGYouTube, users can just listen to music on Youtube just read the news, chat with friends or do other things on your phone. This feature is really useful for those who like to listen to music on Youtube without paying attention to the screen, saving battery life without installing additional support applications.

- Smart download toolkit: Normally, if you want to download videos to watch in a state without network connection, you must use online tools from websites or use the external view feature. Youtube streaming. With OGYouTube, it has a built-in video download feature with many functions that other applications and tools do not have such as: adjust the maximum quality for the video, use compression technology for maximum download speed Sound quality options, ... with smart features that support downloading such as download speed limits just like IDM download.

- No ads: OGYouTube completely blocks ads from youtube, allowing you to freely surf YouTube without being haunted by annoying ads.
- Change application icon: Not like the default application icon, you can change it. OGYouTube provides the option to change the application icon of your choice. It has some nice icons you can choose.

OG YouTube gives you an option to change the application icon of your choice. It has some nice icons you can choose.
- Minimize video player to display everywhere: The last special feature to minimize the video player to display anywhere on the screen is also integrated by OG Youtube. From the video playback interface, besides the normal zoom in and out button of YouTube, you also see a screen copy icon to do this job. Click immediately the video player will be minimized and displayed on the main screen of your phone, now you can adjust the size of the frame to fit and comfortably watch video while playing games while Easy messaging.

Downloading OGYouTube is a great thing when it's completely free and 100% safe because it doesn't contain viruses and malware. To download and install the OGYouTube application is also very simple and easy because OGYouTube is always updated to be compatible with most current phones without rooting or modification.