OfferUp apk

OfferUp apk – Buy. Sell. Offer Up is a special mobile marketplace that makes it possible for users to purchase and sell goods quickly and conveniently. Sellers can list their item in less than a minute, while for smart shoppers finding the perfect product takes just a few clicks.

Features of OfferUp - Buy. Sell. Offer Up

OfferUp APP – Buy. Sell. Offer Upmakes it easy to find great deals on the things you want and make money on the things you want to sell. Ditch the Classified Ads and garage sales -- this is the best way to buy and sell in your community or neighborhood with people you can trust.

OfferUp – Buy. Sell. Offer Up is available to download and use free of charge. There is no fee for buying or selling goods, although sellers can enhance the visibility of their items and add special features to make their items more attractive if they wish for a small fee.

Users of the app do not need to supply personal information in order to buy and sell products as they are able to connect through their Facebook profile if they wish. The app also encrypts data to make it safer to use than many other online marketplaces of this type.

The app has been designed to be very smooth and easy to use. The special messaging system that the app comes with means that a new product can be listed for sale in as little as 30 seconds and new sellers and buyers are guided through the required processes through a series of prompts.

People who are looking for a specific type of product simply need to type in the name of the item in the search bar to receive a list of items that match the stated description. Once users have located the product they wish to buy they need to message the seller to arrange a time and place to meet.

The app comes with a camera button that can be used to add a picture of the item for sale as well as a category, description, title, price and condition. After the item has been posted, sellers need to wait to receive a message from an interested buyer and then arrange a time and place to meet them.

People who experience an unsatisfactory interaction with another user can report that user through the company's messaging system. Simply open the full profile of the user and tap on the Report button specifying the nature of the complaint.

Sellers who wish to remove an item from their Selling tab need to open the My Offers Tab and tap on the post and then select Archive from the dropdown menu. The listing will be moved to the Archived folder and can be retrieved at a later date if desired.

How to Use OfferUp apk

Download OfferUp – Buy. Sell. Offer Up for Android is easy to use without doubt. To sell things, you can simply snap a photo of the item, upload it, and give it price and name it. The potential buyers will contact you if they are interested and you can pick the best rated one. To buy things, browse through the images, contact the buyer through the message, and set up a meeting if you are interested in viewing and buying the product.