Numeric Keyboard

If your laptop is having keyboard problems such as lettering, numbering, flickering, or you want to insert sensitive data without using the current keyboard, it can be tracked by keyloggers who record the keystrokes, Numeric Keyboard apk will be a reliable software solution.

Numeric Keyboard is a virtual keyboard that you can easily launch with the help of keyboard shortcuts and allows you to insert numeric characters with the mouse.

FEATURES of Numeric Keyboard

- Intuitive configuration to add or remove buttons: The interface includes a numeric keypad that makes it easy to insert numbers into text boxes or any other text editor, using the mouse cursor to Select the desired values

- Can add any button to any location

- Keyboard can have 1 button or 1000 buttons

- Can create buttons with special symbols (alt code)

- You can enter entire words by pressing a button

- Enter the alt code on any device using only numeric keypad.

- The Numeric Keyboard interface can be customized to suit your needs, by adjusting the size of the button and the size of the button, as well as the distance between the keys, thus avoiding accidental typing. . You can also change its appearance with different colors for buttons, icons and background.

The installation process runs smoothly and does not bring anything unexpected, so in the short term you will be able to benefit from the features of the application. After you run Numeric Keyboard, it starts to shrink in the notification area and you can open the main window with shortcuts.