Nitro TV APK

Nitro TV APK is an IPTV service that stores more than 6,000 live channels, allowing you to watch all your TV shows along with your favorite movies from around the world. This is a paid application, there are many packages to choose from and it has no advertising information.


Nitro TV APP includes many streaming channels, including many types of movies and shows, which can be romantic, action, horror, comedy, drama or even animation ... in SD quality and HD with most packages with 2 connections. Nitro TV's standard one-month package costs $ 20.00 / month and includes over 6,000 Channels, Multi-screens, Sports, etc.This package comes with 2 connections, meaning you can use translation. Their services on up to 2 devices at once. Most packages have 2 connections, but you can get up to 8 connections. There are additional packages for $ 60, $ 100 and $ 180 that include the same number of connections and features, these will save you a lot. They also provide plans with more connections. This includes a 4 device package for $ 35 / month and an 8 device package for $ 50 / month. However, it seems that the 8-connection packet is locked to the IP position while the 4-connected packet does not; so you should only stick with one month, 2 packages connected for $ 20 / month to start. They are also promoting a one-day use option for $ 4.

You need to protect yourself with a VPN when using this application, because:

- Most wire cutters use VPN to hide their Internet activity while streaming movies, TV shows...

- If you do not use a VPN when accessing free or low-cost media, then your Internet service provider, government, hackers and application developers can log in everything you do online. gland.

- It is important to use a fast VPN, without a log of what their subscribers access while online.

This app is compatible with Android-enabled devices including Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV, NVIDIA SHIELD, Android TV Box, phones and tablets.

The application allows you to watch a lot of movies and shows at different times, you can watch anytime, anywhere just with a lightweight mobile device with the package you have registered.

For this service, users can easily access customer support by submitting a contact form on the Nitro TV website.
You can enjoy movies and TV shows in many different languages ​​like English, French and Japanese ... these are all very popular languages, so you can easily understand the content.

How to play Nitro TV APK

Nitro TV APK is an easy to use application, after downloading and installing, you need to register the package to use the service. After registering, you will see all programs included in the package. You want to watch a specific TV channel or show, you can search in the search bar of the app or you can search any category. This is one of the applications that many people choose and trust, it is sure that it will bring you a lot of fun and rewarding time.