Nextplus - Free SMS Text + Calls is a powerful virtual phone number creation application that enables users to create multiple phone numbers in every US state. Nextplus supports both Android and iOS platforms, through the user application can also text or make and receive calls from the United States.

Install Nextplus, users can call to any phone number for free, you can also send and receive unlimited free text messages to anyone. The utility is compatible with most smartphones including Android and iOS. Besides, it does not require any mobile services and users also experience the extremely attractive social networking features that the application brings.

Nextplus - Free SMS Text + Calls can work even without an internet connection. The utility offers one of the lowest cost mobile plans so that users can enjoy unlimited calls and texting anytime, anywhere. Moreover, Nextplus also provides optional data packages so that users can use their favorite applications on the go such as: free phone calls and texting, no need to buy additional power. phone, no contract or hidden fees, free 4G LTE SIM card.

The method of operation of Nextplus is not like any other messaging and calling applications. The telecommunications network you are using is paid for Nextplus to deliver messages and calls on their network. Instead of forcing users to pay, you only have to watch a few quick banner ads or videos. If you use the paid version, you will not have to see these advertisements. Especially when introducing another user to use this application, you can also remove ads on Nextplus.

Nextplus Free Text + Call is a mobile application that allows users to text and make voice calls without the need for a mobile network connection or a mobile voice plan. Nextplus Free Text + Call works by sending messages and making calls over Wifi, saving users money. Make calls and send SMS to anywhere in the world when connected to Wifi and stay in touch with friends and family, wherever they are.

Nextplus Free text + Alternative calls for standard texting and phone apps available on Android devices. Make free calls and send free messages worldwide with the same confidence but do it all without having to pay for a complicated phone plan. As long as you're connected to Wifi, you can make free calls or even turn your tablet into a phone. For those traveling abroad or those whose families live abroad, it's a useful tool to help people get in touch.

Nextplus Free Text + Call allows sending of SM text messages as well as MMS messages. Send and receive images and videos for free and share your files internationally. Customize ringtones and create themes for your interface for a more personalized feel. Best of all, you can text and make any phone call, even if they don't have the app installed on their phone.


- Application to create virtual phone numbers

- Unlimited free texting and calling

- Text messages sent immediately via push notifications

- Can send emoticons, emojis, animations and notes

- See your friends online 24/7

In general, Nextplus is an application that creates a simple and easy-to-use virtual phone number, up to 100% effective compared to previous applications we have known before. With such benefits, we can freely register social media accounts, confirm for multiple accounts easily.