Nextdoor apk

Nextdoor is a social network to connect people in the same neighborhood. Here inform what is happening specifically for your neighborhood, plan a local event or share safety tips. The application is completely free to help you get acquainted with everyone in the neighborhood easily, so that people become closer to each other. Its network is made up of more than 180,000 neighborhoods worldwide to provide a reliable platform to build stronger, safer, happier communities around the world. Here users can also recommend local businesses and services they like.

Features of Nextdoor

The app helps you connect with your neighbors in the fastest and effective way for you to exchange information with them, get to know them, find family services near you ... along with many other benefits.

The application notifies you about what happens in your neighborhood. Helping you find a garage, find places to go for a walk, babysitters, maids, find yard sales, or sell your unwanted household items, Nextdoor makes it easy to talk to your store. neighbors about what matters most to you. Connect with your neighbors to stay up to date on local news, plan a local event or share safety tips.

If you're busy and don't have time for cooking, you can look for local events like cooking and community activities.

Home services such as hiring a babysitter, pet sitter or dog guide...

You can organize a neighborhood monitoring area to quickly receive information on crime and safety, report crimes for appropriate protection and prevention.

Connect and connect with your neighbors, buy and sell everything and join the community when you download Nextdoor.

This app will help people in each neighborhood stick together, build stronger and safer neighborhoods around the world.

This is a completely private and trusted environment application where all neighbors are verified. Therefore you feel secure when using this application.

To use this application, the neighbors must verify their address and all members follow their real names.

It's a very safe and low-capacity, battery-free app because Nextdoor doesn't run GPS (using GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life) in the background unless you give it enable us by enabling optional features.

The application is compatible with most Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices and it can synchronize between devices. Therefore, you can use any device to use your account and the information will be preserved.

You need to allow it to access devices and applications to check for errors in the application and improve application usability; Device ID to identify the device; Photos / Media / Files for creating articles; Camera to create posts;

The neighborhood connection app is completely free and easy to use, so it has a huge number of users.

Applications and this application are inevitable shortcomings but it is always developed and added to the manufacturer to improve. If you have any questions or suggestions, contact the manufacturer to improve the application.