Neo Monsters

Neo Monsters game is a monster choice game that is popular with the community due to its gameplay similar to Pokemon Nitendo games. This is also a monster-invested role-playing game project of TT Resonant and ZigZaGame.

Neo Monsters is an RPG game with tactical elements mixed with super sharp HD graphics for Android. The game has a play around the famous Pikachu cartoon. Players participating in the game will transform into a hero with the ability to control the super animals fighting, when winning you will win them and turn them into your divine treasures. The game reminds players of the gameplay of some classic Gameboy games, reminiscent of a heroic era of this game genre.

In Neo Monsters, gamers will play the descendants of a legendary beast master, Hector Finnegan. The story begins decades after Hector's victory, the world begins to fall into a brutal era full of darkness. At that time, our character, the descendant of a once-legendary hero, will inherit the old feats and take the noble responsibility to bring the world to peace.

However, the fight is not easy when you have to fight with more than 900 other monsters and that makes you have the goal of becoming a first-class monster trainer, selecting an elite army to help you. won the victory. Journey to collect and develop each exciting race will be like bringing gamers back to Pokemon silhouette on any given day.

FEATURES of Neo Monsters

- Acquire and train hundreds of adorable monsters of all shapes and colors.

- 6 different worlds in the game can take players more than 60 hours to explore.

- Train and customize your monster on the farm.

- Fight in 6 tournaments in 6 worlds to become the champion.

- 140 optional online missions to test your skills.

- Destroy large numbers of monsters by poisoning them with Poison Eater.

- Lull the enemy away and then drain their energy with Dreamhunt.

- Add new skills and monsters.

- Fix some minor technical errors.

- Bug fixes and improvements.

HOW TO PLAY Neo Monsters app

You grow the right food for each species, feed them then they will grow, level up and evolve at certain levels. After maturing, you can cross between two different species to create a new species, possessing their parents' random powers, such as having a Fire-type skill and a Thunder skill.

Every time your animal level up, they will gain a training point. You can choose one of four spending points to level up including Attack, Defense, Health or Agility. PvE or PvP mode consists of 4v4 matches between you and other players or the game AI. Your squad can have up to 16 different monsters in an epic match