NCIS: Hidden Crimes

After the great success of the thrilling investigation investigation game NCIS: Hidden Crimes, Ubisoft continues to launch the successor version called NCIS: Hidden Crimes. Through levels of intelligence and finding hidden objects, players will search for clues, piece the facts, interview witnesses and solve successfully with their ingenious judgment.

In this sequel, players will accompany Gibbs, Abby, and other wise NCIS apk investigators to track down the perpetrators of murder and counterintelligence with the support of US Navy special forces and other maritime corporations. NCIS: Hidden Crimes for iOS takes players into scary murder cases and it is only when you uncover the secret curtain that you understand the seriousness of these terrible cases!

NCIS: Hidden Crimes for android players will participate in an extremely attractive case-solving adventure, search for clues in different locations, clear up doubts, order criminals and take them to the brink of foundation. horse.

Players will embark on a journey to prove their general information analysis skills. Of course, you can't go missing the evidence to help reinforce your grounded judgments. With 6 solvency game modes, 9 puzzle sections combined with evidence gathering, sample analysis and up to 4 other surprising activities, the challenge of solving cases in NCIS: Hidden Crimes is not small for any Who.

Cases in NCIS: Hidden Crimes are reproduced quite faithfully with the same process as any real case. Are you ready to become a senior agent in NCIS?
From MTAC to all 50 other US states, from ports to deserts, traveling from Washington DC to anywhere in the world, agents will find evidence, witnesses and clues for their case manage.

From character creation, avatars to context, everything in the game NCIS: Hidden Crimes for iOS has been carefully cared for to create vibrancy during the solving process.

NCIS: Hidden Crimes for iOS is developed based on the NCIS television series and is in the 14th season. Not just an ordinary action movie, horror elements, horror or intellectual projects are cleverly installed into the game NCIS: Hidden Crimes on mobile. Players will in turn experience serious cases such as murder, catching traitors, terrorists or thieves in the harbor ... In addition to the regular object-hunting games, you also have the talent to search. clues, interview witnesses, sequence facts and analyze smart judgment to find the fastest crime!

Features of NCIS: Hidden Crimes game

Hidden object game with interesting storylines:

Experience a real TV show:

The process of seeking justice does not stop:

interesting content

Pictures and game sound extremely vivid

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Discover hidden secrets