myFranklin Mobile

Myfranklin Mobile apk is an app that provides information about Franklin University for you anywhere, anytime. Whether you are an existing student in Franklin or are in the process of enrolling, this app will be very helpful for you. This is an application for mobile devices and it has many features that allow you to save less time in registering for study or update you regularly with new information.

Features of myFranklin Mobile

Application with many useful features, will bring you great value.

It helps you find your way around school, find a specific building, or find a place to park. This will save you the time and effort of having to go around the school to find those locations, instead you just need a few simple steps to be able to do these things.

If you are enrolled in Franklin, you can check your admission status in real time. Current students can view account information, course information and more.
Faculties - Access to the frequently requested list of phone numbers for Franklin University including student services and safety and security on campus. This will make students feel secure, and create an effective learning environment.

Courses & Scores - Current Franklin students can log in to view current grades and course schedules. Through this you will know how to arrange subjects appropriately, know what subjects you have studied and which subjects need to be learned before or after school or know the score in your subjects to try to strive.

Social media - Get the latest information from Franklin on Facebook, Twitter ... this will help you get regular access to the app.

Bookstore - Buy Franklin books and equipment, find store hours and more. This will make it easier to find what you need.

The application is free to use and very handy, so it has been used by many users but there will be ads running on the application when you use it.

The app requires access to your device memory, it's very secure, so you won't have to worry about your device information being stolen.

How to use myFranklin Mobile

After downloading the Myfranklin Mobile app, you create an account and log in, then use the utilities according to your needs.