MyChevrolet is a convenient remote control car application, designed with many new features, bringing an ideal box car ownership experience.

The application provides media management functions via OnStar. Therefore, users will need to register for an account or to use myChevrolet for Android.

While you are moving, you are in tune with your vehicle. The myChevrolet app helps provide you with an enhanced ownership experience by giving you the ability to remotely send orders, manage your vehicle maintenance, and get Roadside Assistance. Download the myChevrolet app today.


Features of myChevrolet:

- Remote control commands

  • Start and stop control (requires manufacturer to set up remote start)
  • Lock and open the door remotely (requires locking the source)
  • Control the horn, remote headlights, help locate the Chevrolet

- Advanced diagnostics

  • See fuel level and performance, oil life, tire pressure and odometer
  • For electric vehicles, the application displays the battery charge level, charging status, changes the charging mode

- Directional

  • Search and send the location to the car's navigation system (if any)
  • Search and send location to OnStar to get step by step directions

- Supports Wi-Fi port

  • Turn on or turn off the Wif-Fi port
  • View or edit the SSID (network name) and password for the media's Wi-Fi port
  • View current and remaining packages or have consumed or purchased additional data packages

- Other auxiliary features

  • Check missed calls
  • Vehicle positioning: Search for the approximate location of vehicles on the OnStar AtYourService map
  • Saving data for registered users and providing gas stations, shops, and eateries along the way
  • See important information on OnStar account

OnStar account details

      Features available on Chevrolet vehicles

How to use MyChevrolet


Parking reminders, including photo, notes, timer, locator

Help: Advice on OnStar, electric car guide and road assistance for Chevrolet cars

Schedule Service

Customize the application: Edit the home screen and configure myChevrolet to meet your needs

Set, locate priority and search for it by ZIP code, city, state, distance

 Instructions on how to work and more.

Download the myChevrolet app to explore these features and more. Start by logging in with your Chevrolet owner's username and password or password.

MyChevrolet application is available on select Android devices. Service availability, features, and functionality may be limited and vary depending on the media, devices, and packages you subscribe to. Requires device data connection. Roadside service is provided by Allstate Roadside Services."