My PlayHome Stores

My PlayHome Stores allows children to explore a large open space, where there are supermarkets, fashion stores and fast food restaurants. Joining My PlayHome Stores, you will come down to the street to visit beautiful shops and start a fun adventure.

My PlayHome Stores is a place for children to unleash doing what they like. For example, if a child loves to eat sweets, make yourself an excellent ice cream and a glass of cool shaved ice with the ice cream shop's favorite color. Or not satisfied with your outfit, so go to the fashion store and choose for yourself a more stylish outfit.

In My PlayHome Stores, babies can also explore restaurants, rewarding themselves with a cup of fresh fruit juice in a fruit shop. Finally, choose to buy all the necessary supplies and supplies in the supermarket and scan the items at checkout.

If you want to learn about nature, children can participate with Rattle - an application that provides interesting information about nature, Rattle includes both educational and entertainment elements to help children just play and learn to recognize things in life.

My PlayHome Stores is designed with many characters including parents and children. Children can form families with different members and start shopping for fun with every member at 4 stores:

- Fashion shop selling clothes for both men, women and children.

- Grocery store - This is where babies can buy a variety of flowers, fruits, vegetables and enjoy the cup of fresh juice

- Ice cream parlor is a great place to rest, recharge after shopping

- In supermarkets, babies can fill their shopping carts with necessary items such as milk, cereal, canned food, toothpaste, toilet paper ...

Features of My PlayHome Stores

No time limits, no scores apply. Baby plays based on his imagination.

My PlayHome Stores is integrated with all games in the My PlayHome series, so your baby can bring everything home.

There are no in-app purchases.

Does not contain 3rd party ads.

No social networking integration, push notifications or subscriptions.

How to play My PlayHome Stores game