My PlayHome School

My PlayHome School apk is a fun entertaining game for children from the creators of the famous game about My My PlayHome game. In this game, your child goes to school and will discover that he or she finds something interesting and rewarding for himself. Take on the role of a teacher and do all the necessary things, go to the principal's office, the student's office, the cafeteria and not do ordinary things, play football in the hallway or clean the floor. This game has no limits and is suitable for children of all ages, where they will have countless opportunities to learn how the school works.

There are 6 different main rooms to explore: two classrooms, cafeteria, science lab, art performance hall and principal's office, along with the main entrance, the janitor's closet and two rooms. shower. The rooms and corridors have interactive elements that children can touch or drag or give to characters to hold.

Features of My PlayHome School game

- How to play nicely

- Diverse characters

- Funny graphics, beautiful

My PlayHome School game has no guidelines for children to maximize their ability to explore, learn and explore. Children can do everything according to their instincts, push buttons, pull levers and just watch what happens. Music lovers can try typing the piano keys to see the sound they make, while future scientists can dress their characters in lab coats and goggles. and then combine the chemicals to heat using the Bunsen burner. Many objects have their own sound, including piano or even ceiling fans.

Children can even use the microphone for short notifications via PA. Players can drag objects to move them around the room or place them in the character's hand or bag. The character will hold things firmly and also sit if placed near the chair. The characters will stay unless the child places them in another room or chooses.

Download My PlayHome School is the perfect choice for preschoolers who are curious or worried about school. The application is currently available on all popular platforms such as Android, iOS ... My PlayHome School is responsible for and clarifies rooms like the principal's office that will help children feel more comfortable and confident. Parents and teachers can use My PlayHome School to talk with children about what to expect at school and what might happen. This app can also be used by parents and teachers as a great teaching tool for children with special needs.

My PlayHome School APK - Expands the PlayHome world into the classroom.