My Cafe: Recipes

My Cafe: Recipes is a game As an adventure game, simulation from Melsoft Games, My Cafe: Recipes brings players exciting experiences throughout the rounds of play along with beautiful graphics, vivid sound, and sharp image.

In the game My Cafe: Recipes you will discover a world of culinary diversity, richness because there are so many delicious dishes from familiar to new. Players will be a cook, the waitress is also the owner of the restaurant and hand-processed dishes according to customer requirements.

Before owning a modern restaurant, you will start by building a small store. Initially, with a small amount of capital, you will have to buy your own amenities within a certain limit from tables, chairs, coffee makers, ice cream machines, ... After making a lot of money, you can use the money earned to buy necessary items for the store. Try to serve your customers well to make them impressed with your restaurant and want to come back. The menu of the restaurant will be increasingly rich with new dishes. Each customer coming to the store will order and you should serve quickly so customers do not have to wait too long. Attentive, caring service will be one of the points that impress customers.

After working hard, you will earn a decent amount of money for yourself, with this money, players can upgrade their store by buying more tables and chairs, modern machines to serve. The business is getting better and better. In addition, you can improve the menu of the store more to attract customers.

Features My Cafe: Recipes

My Cafe: Recipes gives players the relaxation as well as comfortable moments after a hard day. The game brings a number of outstanding features such as:

Meet the lovely patrons of the cafe and find out their stories.

- There is a specific development orientation to develop the business in your direction and experience unique stories.

- Investigate the town's secrets and get to know more new customers for your cafe to be developed

- Design your own cafe according to your preferences as well as your wishes.

- Hot coffee and beverages for customers.

- Serving bread, dishes in the restaurant

- There are many special menus including specials such as Sweet Tales Latte, Mojito Cupcake ...

- Employee manager; recruit, train staff and work together to make a profit

How to play My Cafe: Recipes:

The game is not too difficult to control. You just need to "touch" the Play button to start playing the game and the whole preparation process will appear on the screen (making hamburgers, drinks, fast food). My Cafe: Recipes is an addictive restaurant management game where you will help new people open luxurious fast-food restaurants and serve delicious food.