MVG Fahrinfo

MVG Fahrinfo is an application developed by the Munich Transport Corporation (MVG) for Munich and the region, providing information about U-Bahn, buses, trams, as well as on CarShared and MVG Rad so you can use it to buy tickets via his smartphone.

With the free MVG Fahrinfo app, you always have a timetable for the state capital. It offers MVV HandyTicket, mobile tickets to all means of transport in the Munich Transport and Tariff Association (MVV). Simply enter start and destination and get the best connection with the appropriate e-ticket. No local knowledge or tariffs are needed to choose the right mobile ticket - just enjoy Munich.

For travel information, departure, and purchase of mobile tickets an internet connection is required. Mobile ticket purchases can be displayed at any time even without an internet connection. The accuracy or completeness of the information provided cannot be guaranteed.

Features of MVG Fahrinfo

- Mobile ticket for the whole MVV system: Pay with unsafe and convenient cash by credit card (VISA, MasterCard, American Express) or direct debit from your bank account

- Single tickets for adults or children

- Daily ticket for adults, children or groups

- Entrance fees for children, teenagers (ages 15-20) and adults

- Short tour

- Anschlussticket for a trip outside your season ticket range or IsarCardAbo.

- Bicycle ticket of the day

- Airport, city, day ticket to Munich Airport (MUC)

- CityTourCard: daily ticket for public transport and discounted admission to tourist attractions - QueerCityPass: daily ticket for public transport and discount for quirky travelers

- SEA LIFE tickets for public transport and fast entry

- BOB-MVV ticket for a trip with Bayerische Oberlandbahn to the Alps

How to use MVG Fahrinfo

MVG Fahrinfo application is easy to use, very diverse functions. With MVG Fahrinfo, you can search for specific connections or you can search directly for departure times at your location. If you allow the application to access your GPS signal, everything will work without additional settings.

You will find current reports on delays or disruptions, as well as general information about mobility in Munich. You also book and manage tickets through apps, packages, and network plans to give you an overview. Overall, the app offers a range of great functions for public transport in the state capital.

Getting around Munich has become much easier for English-speaking travelers to the capital of Bavaria. In addition to managing local public transport, MVG Fahrinfo also gives you the opportunity to directly access the platforms, such as car-sharing, parking, and taking buses, long-distance buses, or taxis. You will also receive event tips like flea or farmer's markets, outdoor movie theaters, and outdoor pools. This app gives you suitable ticket suggestions to get you there.

MVG Fahrinfo cooperates closely with Munich Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund (MVV - Munich Transport and Tariff Association). Other partners in MVV include the private companies with which the group operates scheduled bus services in the metropolitan area of ​​Munich; S-Bahn München, the urban railway system of Munich; other regional railway companies; some bus operators in the area; and the municipality of Munich.

All parties work together to provide residents and visitors with a well-integrated, well-designed public transport system that has a common presence in the city landscape, in the media. mass and in the minds of the people.