Mutant Fighting Cup is a fighting action game that combines extremely attractive turn-based tactical elements. In-game, you will breed your puppy with genes from different creatures to create a powerful monster, defeat opponents and win the prestigious championship.

Coming to the Mutant Fighting Cup, you must evolve your monster dog. Research and crossbreed with genes from different organisms and let evolution begin. After that, you will take your warriors to the arenas to confront other genetically modified organisms and win fame.

In the Mutant Fighting Cup game, you will use the genes available and arrange them in the empty cells on the DNA model. Once the required number of genes has been reached, this machine will automatically generate a genetically modified organism with capabilities far more powerful than it's original "original", both in terms of defense and attack skills. attack, HP, self-healing ability, flexibility and ingenuity when using fists. If this process is successful, this creature will officially enter the battle stage with another creature randomly selected by the game and from here, the challenge will officially begin.

Your opponent is very diverse from dogs, cats to other super animals and everyone fights their hardest for a single goal: the World Cup trophy. Mutant Fighting Cup for iOS includes 6 tournaments, 6 bosses, 29 customizable genes, and over 4,000,000 unique combinations for you to freely unleash your creativity and tactics.

Basically, the Mutant Fighting Cup is built with turn-based fighting gameplay. Each stage in the game is full of tactics and to be able to win, in addition to being flexible when using character skills, finding good genotypes to upgrade the character's "cop" is also a thing. very important.

Mutant Fighting Cup gives players a rich pet system for you to freely choose and train them from an early age. You will have to learn how to train, develop and transform your pet into super beasts with incredible power. And to win the matches, the right tactic is the decisive factor.


- Create your own genetically modified organism with 4 million available gene combinations and engage them in the cup: Fight World Cup matches.

- 6 tournaments to compete all over the world on 5 continents.

- Diverse characters: Dogs, cats and other monsters.

- Raise and upgrade your creatures to become stronger through each level.

- Unlock special mutations like Fira Aura and Toxic Cloud to have an attack with great devastation.

- Balance attack, defense, dexterity, healing and HP.

- Unlock and combine genes from the 29 available genes to create your own tactics.

- Choose your attack wisely, sometimes a good attack is a good defense.

- Defeat other animals to win a cup.

Mutant Fighting Cup a game of extremely attractive action game genre is waiting for you to participate. Coming to this monster arena game, you will have the opportunity to breed your own monsters and accompany them to defeat other monsters throughout the famous arenas to prove your monster is strongest. Please lead the monster you have in hand to exercise and new skills to make your monster become the most complete offline! Let's join the game and conquer the extremely interesting challenges in any game!