Giant monsters have returned to the arena in Mutant Fighting Cup 2. In this version, the monster is bigger, more awesome, and looks scarier than ever with more mutations and gene combinations newer promises to bring you the fighting action game experience combined with a much more attractive strategy than the previous one. Evolve, transform and train your monsters to become the monster champion in this fierce turn-based strategy game.

Mutant Fighting Cup 2 is a monster arena game built on a turn-based strategy combat game. Choose your beast, train and place it in the arena to confront super-powerful opponents, even the terrible bosses.

There are skills attack, support, defense, .. will help your beast attack opponents in matches. Every time you upgrade Genes, your beast will become "more deformed" when the normal parts will become parts of other animals. The stronger your beast becomes, the more "deformed" it is. Monkey head dog, fat cable head or tiger tail dog, .... can appear in this game.

To strengthen monsters, you can use genetic mutation to create stronger, more powerful new creatures. At Mutant Fighting Cup 2, you can mix and match genes from many creatures together to unlock more than 1 million combinations of creatures with strange, fierce, weird looks and possessed abilities required to be a monster champion.

Besides, the player's wise strategy is also an important factor to decide the victory. Know when to use which skills and when appropriate to use modifiers.

Mutant Fighting Cup 2 adds a new PvP mode, allowing you to confront many other players around the world. To be able to dominate in the match, you need to breed, care, train and upgrade your beasts with cunning tactics.

Game Mutant Fighting Cup 2 has beautiful graphics. Each monster is designed in detail to create great stature, fierce looks and terrible power. Every time it is his turn to turn, the light will switch to the position of the animal preparing to strike. The vitality of each monster is shown as the corresponding energy bar on that animal's side. If the energy ran out, it would mean that the beast was defeated.


- Fight: Defeat dangerous opponents and powerful bosses across the globe.

- Training: Choose a dog or cat and order them in the match.

- Evolution: Use mutant genes to change species and acquire amazing abilities.

- Metamorphosis: Blend and combine genes to unlock over 1 million biological combinations.

- Strategy: Use your skills and help wisely in the fierce RPG tournament.

- PvP: Challenge your friends in PvP multiplayer mode.

- Win: Win and win trophies, achievements and compete for high positions on the leaderboard with other players.

Although a fairly simple game, Multan fighting cup 2 still has all the modes of a fighting game 1vs1, overcame or challenge. This mini-game is suitable for free time or breaks before work. Players can find fun times in this game.