Musixmatch is an extension that is integrated into the Chrome browser with the ability to display lyrics with smart mode on the famous Youtube page. With an extensive music repertoire and YouTube lyrics viewing experience, music lovers will have great listening experience on YouTube videos.

Musixmatch is a very useful support tool for listening to music on your YouTube page with the ability to display lyrics, a function that YouTube does not yet have. This is a Chrome extension with the ability to add any lyrics to videos on Youtube. Or you can also use GetMusic to find and view lyrics on Youtube. GetMusic software allows you to view lyrics on many different music sites.

Musixmatch will automatically display the lyrics that match the song video, change the font or color of the lyrics to animate your listening process. The song library of this application is extremely rich with more than 7 million different lyrics. If you want to find the title of the song on Youtube English video, Vietnamese please refer to our tutorial article.

Musixmatch has the ability to translate lyrics for 32 languages, including Vietnamese. When viewing lyrics, users should also note that the lyrics will be displayed based on the name of the video, so the correct video name can be viewed. In addition, you can also refer to the LyricsGetter tool to find lyrics on request. Using LyricsGetter, you can find the lyrics of a song by song title, artist name, and related works.

Features of Musixmatch

- Display lyrics on YouTube videos
- Automatically display lyrics matching song videos
- Ability to change the font, font color of the lyrics
- Song store more than 7 million songs
- Translate lyrics into more than 32 languages

How to use Musixmatch

Download Musixmatch -> Log in Musixmatch -> Allow access -> Enable permissions -> Serrated icon -> FloatingLyrics Options -> Enable FloatingLyrics

The application is very simple: you play a song, activate the reading of the lyrics and you will directly see an image of the band or the corresponding song, with the lyrics appearing. That way, in theory, you can even make karaoke from the device.

Musixmatch is fully compatible with many music apps for Android like Winamp, Google Music, WIMP, bTunes, Archos Music Player or Spotify. You can listen to music through this application and even then continue to play the lyrics from the application.

Musixmatch is a very useful tool for all music lovers, they will be able to enjoy the lyrics of all their favorite songs from a clean and comfortable interface.