Multiple Accounts

Multiple Accounts apk is the application that supports the latest version of Whatsapp: The latest version of whatsApp is only in 64 bit format, which is perfectly supported by this application right now. Also, not only Whatsapp, other 64 bit applications are also perfectly supported. Multiple Accounts application supports your social network (such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger, LINE, Instagram, WeChat ...) to log in to multiple accounts at the same time, one for individuals, one for businesses and an account for anything you want.

Multiple Accounts helps you sign in two accounts for instant messaging apps, receive messages and chat with friends on one device. Play games with two accounts and keep them online simultaneously to get functionality and a dual experience.

Multiple Accounts app provided by River Stone Tech, with the strongest and lightest application cloning tool, can help you copy your application into another separate parallel space. What's more, this app can help you manage app notifications and provide a Privacy Locker function to protect duplicate apps. It also provides Lite Mode to achieve the best memory and battery usage for cloned apps.

Supports most instant messaging & social networking applications. Many of your accounts work on the same device at the same time, connecting different groups of friends and sharing different information.

Experience double game account

Sign in to two game accounts for Google Play and different experiences for both accounts at once! 99% of top games are supported!

Multiple Accounts is compatible with most instant messaging, gaming, and social networking applications. Google Play services are supported and you can connect to Google Play Games or other services in your copy. Download DO Multiple Accounts will definitely bring you many interesting experiences. Easily manage multiple social networking accounts, work and personal life separately.

Features of Multiple Accounts

- Simple and clean user interface, simple operation.

- Different achievements, the same features, separate space, no conflict!

- Small and low CPU consumption.

- Balance your life and work easily with multiple accounts.

- Double game account and double the fun.

- Data of the original copy and application are separated.

- Run two accounts at the same time and will create icons with duplicate cards.

- Security key to protect your cloned account.

- Lite mode for best energy and memory efficiency.