Multicraft: Pocket Edition

Multicraft: Pocket Edition apk is a free world building game that allows you to create new buildings and unlock characters every time you play. You will travel through the areas to discover new supplies and create new buildings while spending your time and making the most of the game. Eventually you will collect enough supplies that you can build your own farm and start planting vegetables and other foods for your character. Even if you move to another part of the sandbox, you can return to get food to survive. If you don't give him or her enough food, your character could really die in the game.

Features of Multicraft: Pocket Edition

- In Multicraft: Pocket Edition you will experience the world with interesting things. There is a range of threats around you, one can find a group of moving zombies ready to attack in the middle of the day and a group of vampires that appear after dark. The game requires you to protect yourself and your land from those threats. This element of the game becomes more challenging as you unlock new areas and occupy more land.

- The weather element will appear regularly in this game, instead of everything always bright and sunny, the game will occasionally throw some hazards your way in the form of a storm or snowstorm. This requires you to have flexible gameplay to adapt to all situations. You will need to fight the hatches and make sure you keep your characters and your land safe until the storm passes.

- The game doesn't come with any instructions so you'll need to try all the buttons and features to teach yourself how to find resources and create new buildings.

- There are two main game modes that are Creative (Creative) and Survival (Survival).
Creative mode gives you endless resources and more than that you will not have to confront any monster or mob. This mode is mainly for players to create and build great works.

In Survival mode, you will start from "empty hands". You will harvest ingredients to create the simplest things like tools, desks ... and at night you will fight monsters, hideous mobs. If you are a challenging person, this mode is all you want.

- The stain in this game is a reset button. You may accidentally press this button in the middle of the game and lose all the progress you've made. Developers may encounter problems in time to save your game, but you can lose everything you've done in the recent past. Some players also log in and find that the game has deleted some of the creations they built and what they did. Having some ads appear in games makes you feel uncomfortable.

How to play Multicraft: Pocket Edition game

- For Android users there are 3 ways to join a world on Minecraft game:

Join from the Multiplayer mode from Overlay.

Join from the Multiplayer mode from the MCPE gaming community

Join from a Livestream.

- For iOS users, there are 2 ways to join a World on Minecraft games:

Join from the Multiplayer mode from the MCPE gaming community

Join from a Livestream.