Mp3 Player

MP3 Player apk is a software to listen, manage and enjoy music from your device. With its user-friendly interface, MP3 Player will turn your phone into an extremely unique and interesting music player. The program also has the most essential play controls to make it easy to enjoy great music and great entertainment.

Mp3 Player allows you to listen to popular MP3-format music on your computer easily, giving you a great listening experience that replaces all other bulky devices. This is a specialized software designed specifically to help you listen to normal music in a whole new style. It is also provided free of charge, simple installation, saving time and cost for users. With a great equalizer, support for popular music formats and a cool interface, listen to music without wifi, browse all the songs on your device...

Features of MP3 Player

- Browse and play your music by selecting albums, artists, genres, songs, folder lists.

- Support almost all popular audio formats including MP3, MIDI, WAV, FLAC, AAC, APE ... and play them with high quality.

- 5 sets of EQUALIZER scales with 15 default types.

- Default settings: acoustic, bass, rock, pop, r & b, hip-hop, electronic, dance.

- Import and export music to your phone from your favorite desktop music player: Songbird, Winamp, Windows Media Player, MediaMonkey...

- Select the music folder.

- Headset support

- Support APP2SD.

- High-quality music player

- Integrated play controls easily: Mp3 Player integrates basic controls such as play, pause, adjust the appropriate volume level ... The application also allows browsing files from the computer and setting a clean video list to play in turn in order or randomly depending on the requirements of the user. The sharp sound quality is the advantage when using this software.

- Create playlists randomly or in order

- Display information of songs in the list

- Powerful equalizer with bass boost, reverb effect...

- Automatically scan all audio files available on the device, manage and share songs.

- Lock screen controls and plays in the notification bar.

- Set song as ringtone in the offline music player.

- Layout and style theme: Mp3 Player has a pretty interface, showing the full process of playing music and the total time of playing. The list of songs being played is also full of the source directory, song title, performance artist and you can add or remove from the list any files.

- Widget supported in the audio player.

- Mp3 Player app provides you with a simple music player but is full of necessary functions, bringing satisfaction to beginners to use. The volume control button is located on the interface for easy control, along with the name of the song being played.

- Mp3 Player allows customizing your playlist by adding or removing any songs you want. You can click on any song to listen to that song or let the playlist be played in order. Compared to similar music players, this software is minimalist in terms of interface for you to perform the easiest operations.