Mp3 Cutter

Mp3 Cutter is online music cutting program, with it you can cut your favorite songs to make phone ringtones without having to install complicated software, difficult to use, even charge just to cut one piece like that.

Not only cut MP3 music, but you can also convert MP3 to AMR, WAV, and AAC with just one click. It is worth mentioning that the quality of MP3 files cut by this service has not diminished compared to the original file.

After a few clicks, with Mp3 Cutter, you already have a piece of music to make a ringtone for your phone. No memory resources, no complicated operations, no limit to the number of MP3 files to cut, and the size of it. You do not even need to register an account or log in. Whenever you need to cut music, just visit the website and follow the simple instructions below. If you don't have MP3 cutter software installed on your computer, this online music cutting service is a perfect replacement.

Features of Mp3 Cutter

- Cut MP3s as ringtones

- Display a list of songs on the device

- Cut music by specifying start and endpoints

- Listen to music before cutting

- Save music as ringtone

How to use MP3 Cutter

We will conduct an example of cutting a music file available in the computer

Step 1: Click on the button to add music (symbol ) on the function bar or use the shortcut F6

Step 2: Browse to the folder with the music file to cut, select the file and click Open to add

Step 3: You open the setting table for the published Audio file by clicking on the screwdriver icon on the function bar or using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+ O.

Step 4: In the dialog box that appears, there are 3 items for you to set up: Cutting Mode (cutting method), Output Folder (the folder where the publication file is stored), Encoder Settings (the audio file encoding settings).

Step 5: Click the drag icon or shortcut F3 to start cutting music files.

Step 6: Wait a moment for the software to complete the cutting process. Then click Finish to complete.

So you have finished using Mp3 Cutter to cut the music. Now you can create your own unique ringtone, ringback tones file yourself.

Mp3 Cutter is rated as a very good tool for creating highly recommended ringtones from experts and experienced people. Not only helps cut music, but MP3 Cutter also supports cutting any audio file, including your voice. In addition, the application also provides customized output functions for your music files.