Moovit is the world's leading public transportation application on Android and iOS mobile platforms with more than 150 million users in more than 2200 cities worldwide, providing accurate, up-to-date information on the delivery situation. information, online directions support arrival notice, indicating the estimated time and the number of stations to go.

Moovit is a great set of applications for those who travel abroad often. Moovit has the ability to find metro routes, along with the ability to show the details of the map, showing you find your scheduled routes easily and intuitively. Next, Moovit also provides a full schedule of subway routes, as well as bus routes in the most detailed and regularly updated in real-time.

Moovit allows users to easily control the trip, showing the exact location, the estimated travel time and the number of stations to go, helping you relax, comfortable and entertain yourself when traveling by vehicle. public facilities.

The free Moovit map app helps you keep track of public transport routes and can map the fastest route and the least traffic. Moovit will also estimate your time when traveling through routes to save you the effort you anticipate. The data that this app gives users is not calculated by themselves but from the actual transport companies and from the user's information. The more people use Moovit, the more accurate the bus routes.

You will get step-by-step directions, set an alarm for you to regularly update the routes you frequent or frequent, and Moovit also allows users to know which Facebook or Google + friends are on the move.

Moovit is very easy to use even for first time users, the interface is simple and friendly, works very stable with 3G network in Vietnam, this is really a useful application for those who like to study. Students often use public transport

Features of Moovit

- With the Moovit app: you can get real-time public transport information to travel faster in Madrid, Barcelona, and more than 100 cities around the world.

- Function: You can view real-time schedules, arrivals and route alerts while you are traveling. Lets you view route maps, including road routes, and even have hidden information if you don't have a connection.

- Activities: You can plan trips to compare different routes, either by train, tram, subway, or bus. It is a combined application because it can share information to improve the experience of other users.

- Moovit's online directions feature will guide you step by step to your destination in real-time. You don't need to be constantly on the lookout to see if the next stop has arrived because of notification from the app upon arrival. Moovit continually updates schedule changes to let you know bus stops and shops are closed, and service-related service repair notices.