Moon + Reader

Moon + Reader apk will help you read books smarter, save time and effectively. An innovative reading app with powerful controls and full functionality, along with thousands of free ebooks, will give you lots of great experiences. This application can save the necessary information, color the words you need, easily search image information...

Features of Moon + Reader

Moon + Reader game has more than 10 topics including thousands of free ebooks, including day and night mode. Convenient application for local reading with 24 custom actions (screen click, swipe gestures, hard keys). There are many options to customize when you read: line space, font ratio, bold, italic, shadow, logical alignment, alpha color, matte edges, ... With touch screen, volume keys or even the camera, search key or back key will make your operation easier. Adjusting the font, bold, italic, and shadow... will help you adjust the font you like, whether in print or in capital letters ... if you feel the word is too Small ones can increase the size for easy reading...

Application with 5 auto-roll modes: blind roller mode; by pixel, by line or by page, real-time speed control makes it easier to experience, changing the type of view you want. Real page turning effect with custom speed / color / transparency. Light adjustment mode by sliding your finger along the left edge of the screen helps you get the right light for your eyes, making your eyes not tired or stressed while reading and keeping your eyes healthy. read for a long time.

You can create your favorite book categories in ways such as Favorites, Downloads, Authors ... save them in a section to make your reading more convenient.

Dual page mode for horizontal screen, if you do not like reading vertical then adjust to horizontal screen mode, the application also supports all four screen orientations.

Support for EPUB3 multimedia content (video and audio) will help you remember more information and make reading more enjoyable.

Optional Backup / Restore to the cloud via DropBox / WebDav, synchronize reading positions between phone and tablet for convenience, for example, if you are reading a book in progress and using a new device you can still read that book.

Bookmarks, comments, dictionaries (Offline or online, support for ColorDict, GoldenDict, ABBYY Lingvo, etc.) help you save the amount of useful information, the next time you read it again, you do not need to find it again. 

The application focuses on 40 languages: English, English, English, Italian, Greek, Greek, notes, Polish, polski so the number of books is also very rich and many people can read.

The application has many beautiful topics, along with many utilities to help you read books in the most effective and progressive way.

Because this app is free, ads will appear while reading.

How to use Moon + Reader

Just download the application, log in, you can read many types of books and save them for later reading. With the convenience and free this application will help you have a huge amount of knowledge and improve your vision.