Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories is an RPG video game developed by Marvelous and published by Capcom. This is a follow-up game in the Monster Hunter series. The game was released in Japan for Nintendo 3DS game consoles on October 8, 2016, and was released in North America, Europe and Australia in September 2017.

The game begins with the main character and their friends, Cheval and Lilia, looking for a monster egg. They found a nest with one, and it hatched a dog breed associated with the protagonist almost immediately. They nicknamed the creature Ratha. Assassin's Creed Pirates apk is an outstanding 3D action and adventure game with spectacular graphics and a long and intense story that will thrill fans of the series.

In a world where big monsters wander and people everywhere make a living, there is a remote village, people who follow a different custom. They were monster knights, a people that didn't hunt but instead formed a connection with monsters. Unlike hunters, they breed and live in harmony with monsters, forming an inseparable bond with them using mysterious items called Kinship Stones. Monsters that formed relationships with the knights, called "Monsters", possessed incredible power. When you become a Rider, you can also make friends with countless Monsters, riding them as you explore a vast, interesting world.

Features of Monster Hunter Stories.

- Fight with your Monsters in Network Battle!

Take your heroes and Monsters you have participated in the battle with the other knights! Build your favorite team to challenge other players.

- Recruiting countless Monsters!

Monsters, and bonds you form with them, are the backbone of your adventure. Explore vast environments and dungeons to find monster density, and bring back the eggs you find to incubate new Monsters!

- New features for the smartphone version!

New enhancements include beautiful high resolution graphics, improved user interface and new auto-save!

How to play Monster Hunter Stories game

When fighting, three basic paper-pulling attacks - Strength, Technology and Speed ​​- you have to think about your options even before considering special skills, combos, items Use once, or the strengths and weaknesses of each monster.

Win a paper-pulling match against an enemy that powers your Kinship, a watch that nurtures special skills and allows you to ride Monstie, a mechanic that allows you to unleash your abilities Kinship is devastating and extremely awesome. Different weapons with different skill sets, such as the Great Swords with slashing skills and Hunting Horns with support melodies, provide even more variety for each battle. With up to five warriors on the battlefield at the same time, many animations can drag a bit, but to keep things fast - literally - you can speed up animation.

Like other Monster Hunter games, items are extremely important during and outside the battle. However, unlike other Monster Hunter games, there is no complicated repository management in the Story, which I am very thankful for. Instead of worrying about storing materials at your home, you only need to pay attention to the 10 items that are assigned to the battle bag, as bringing the right item into battle can actually turn the tide. Well-planned traps can prevent enemies from moving for a few turns and the Antidote can help significantly when fighting a venomous monster.

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