Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is the name that is causing fever on all rankings of fighting MOBA games. Choose for yourself the most outstanding heroes to form the perfect team, use team spirit, strategy and combine strength to form invincible forces. 10 seconds to team up with four online allies and battle together for 10 minutes with 5 players online from your opposing team.

The opportunity to participate in local and international Esports tournaments has never been this easy. Just download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang to compete with all gamers around the world. With three familiar road maps and unique skills such as jungling, monsters, pushing towers, sneaky attacks or perfect tire hookups ... all the interesting things appear right in the blockbuster.

FEATURES of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

- Classic MOBA map, epic 5v5 battles: Players will participate in 5-on-5 battles in real time with real opponents. Fight across 3 lanes to capture the enemy's watchtower. 4 jungle areas, 18 defensive towers, 2 terrible bosses are what you need to conquer in Mobile Legends. 5v5 battles between humans to create the most authentic battle experience!

- Winning by team spirit and tactics: Disable enemy attacks, control them and heal wounds for teammates. You can choose the force of tanks, archers, gunner, assassin, support team ... for your forces or pair MVP. New hero characters are regularly introduced in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang update, giving you more chances to choose and grow your squad.

- Fight fair and win: Like many other classic MOBA games, there is no hero training or spending real money to upgrade the character's stats. Victory or defeat is determined by skill and fair confrontation. You have to play to victory instead of using money to your advantage. The best way to master the Mobile Legends game is that you work hard in fighting battles to gain experience and hone the skills of each team member.

- Simple controls, easy to master the arena: With the virtual joystick on the left and the skill cluster on the right, players can manipulate flexibly with mouse or touch screen to become an expert in Mobile Legends. Auto-block and dodge targets are useful when your health bar is about to run out. In addition, the convenient Tap-to-equip system helps you focus primarily on the match without spending time on equipment.

- 10 seconds of pairing - fighting in 10 minutes: The pairing process takes only 10 seconds, players are ready to enter the town to fight attractive 10 minutes. After leveling up, you can throw yourself into new battles immediately. Do not have to wait too long, players can experience immediately the action of horror.

- Smart assist AI: In most other MOBA games, losing the connection makes you easily out of the battlefield and have to play again from the beginning. But in the case of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, you can return to the arena in a snap. Even when offline, the character is still controlled by AI to avoid the situation of a battle of forces that leads to unconvincing victories.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a great game, featured with action battles, defending the tower, team battles ... unique. Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang to defeat your opponent by touching your screen with your finger and confirm who is the strongest. Show everyone the spirit of eSports in general as well as your MOBA gaming skills.