Minecraft apk is a 3D sandbox game with no specific goals to complete, allowing players a lot of freedom in choosing how to play the game, but there are many levels to play. This will be an opportunity for you to start creating.

Modes in the game Minecraft:

- Survival mode (Survival): In this mode you will be summoned in any place in the world created, without anything in hand. Your mission is to do everything to survive as long as possible. You will need to exploit nature such as timber and stone or, importantly, be the basis for finding and manufacturing other items.

The tools in Minecraft are plentiful, can be created manually such as weapons, armor and items.

You can only carry a limited number of items. You die at the beginning, items will drop out, and you will be revived at the location at the beginning of the game or if there is a bed they will revive at the bed (provided that you do not destroy and change change the position of the bed). Experience points are earned by killing animals or fighting monsters. The higher the experience points, the more powerful you can create weapons or armor and have special effects.

- Creative mode (Creative):

In creative mode, players have infinite possibilities, having all resources and tools in the game. This mode mainly supports you to create and build your own works.

- Adventure mode (Adventure):

Adventure mode is created for players to experience the built-in maps. Maps will be made available by 1 person with certain rules. Adventure's gameplay will be similar to Survival mode, but the ability to break the blocks will be limited so that the player must follow the rules set by the map creator.

- Super hard mode (Hardcore):

The Super Diff mode is basically the same as Survival, but to increase the real experience for the player, you will only have 1 life. This means that when you die for any reason, the map is immediately deleted, what you played before will be permanently forgotten.

How to play Minecraft game

Step 1: After installing Minecraft, start the Minecraft game and choose Singleplayer if you want to play a picture, Multiplayer if you want to play with the Minecraft community.

Step 2: After selecting Singleplayer, you need to create a world where you will explore and build. Select Create New World or select the previously created world, then select Play Selected World.

Step 3: Next, enter the world name you want and this name will be used to save your game.

If you are a new player, choose Survival. You can also customize the parameters of terrain, resources depending on your preferences, how to play Minecraft. Then choose Create New World to start playing Minecraft games.

Step 4: You can control your character with basic keys such as: W: Go straight (press 2 times to run fast); S: Go backward; A: Go left; D: Go to the right; E: Open the inventory; Shift: To hide / crouch ... (Keeping still helps prevent falling from high places); Right mouse: Place blocks or use some items; Left mouse: To attack, destroy, collect ...