Messenger APK

Messenger app is Facebook's multifunctional messaging application, allowing users to connect, chat and update information in more ways than just sending simple messages. Download Messenger has many options such as creating a group chat, making voice calls, playing games via Messenger, and more.

Messenger updates your friends list from the Facebook app, you can send and receive messages, make phone calls, send pictures, documents, GIFs ... to anyone you're talking to. It is not necessary to have a Facebook account to use Messenger Lite, you can easily register and log in to this application with your phone number, even after you have locked out your Facebook account.

Messenger has an extremely convenient interface, with the dominant color is white harmonious and integrates very unique usage functions ... At the screen of the Messenger app users can know the latest messages , unread messages, people who are active with, search for messages ... With Messenger download you will not miss any messages of loved ones.

Features of Messenger

- Extremely fast messaging and chatting: With just a network connection, people can chat with their friends all over the world.
- Chat with strangers: Talk to any stranger outside the list of friends or can activate the Chatible feature, Facebook Messenger will not reveal the identities of both people.
- Call & Facetime: This is a feature used by many people today, you do not need to spend money, you can also make calls or chat with your friends. Just tap with the call icon on the application screen and you can use it. You can see the opposite person with Camera. Besides, funny stickers will make the conversation more interesting.
- Keep the conversation a secret: Worried that your information and conversation might be sneaked in? Facebook Messenger gives users an option to encrypt their conversations to ensure privacy.

- High quality video recording: You can shoot short videos up to 15 seconds to send to friends, this feature is similar to Snapchat. Your job is to access the Camera app on Messenger. Hold down the shutter button to record a video, and release when the recording is done.
- Send and receive money: The latest feature from Messenger brings convenience to users, through the method of linking with a bank wallet, you can quickly transfer your account to a friend and vice versa. At present, the money transfer feature is only available in some big countries like the US and European countries.
- Change icon separately: The message allows users to change the theme color as well as default emoticons. And more specifically, changing the nickname will help you be more excited when using Messenger.
- Play games: You can play games and challenge your friends comfortably via Messenger apk download. There are many different games and game types for you to explore, from things like Words With Friends, to Solitaire, Bingo, 8 Ball Pool, and more.
Messenger is a great app, it has become a standalone and indispensable application for Facebook users. Messenger is not only a simple utility to talk but it is also a place to exchange, trade, discuss and market for work. Download Messenger to your computer to experience the best that Messenger has to offer.

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