Messenger Lite apk

Messenger Lite: Free Calls & Messages is a fast and data-saving instant messaging app that helps you contact people in your life.

Messenger Lite apk is a minimalist version of Facebook's Messenger app - one that can't be more familiar to those who are addicted to Facebook. As the name implies, Messenger Lite app only offers extremely basic features of the original application such as instant messaging and photo sharing and less data consumption. Whatsapp Messenger Plus

Launched quite long, up to the present time, the Messenger Lite application has been added to more than 150 countries including Germany, Colombia, Italy, Algeria, Morocco, Nigeria, Turkey, Peru, Japan. , Taiwan, Netherlands and especially Vietnam. As the name "Lite", this version of Facebook Messenger Lite is much lighter than the original version so that low-profile or long-running devices can be used without worrying about jerks and lag. The application requires very few resources to use. From RAM, performance or even memory, the application only occupies a very small part compared to its "brother". Happily, Facebook has finally decided to release this app more widely

The application can work offline and will send messages when you connect to the internet again, compatible with almost every old Android phone, including devices running Android Gingerbread. In addition to Messenger Lite apk, the Facebook application itself has a similar shortened version called Facebook Lite with more than 200 million users worldwide.

This version targets markets where mobile devices are popular, especially in developing countries, as part of Facebook's ongoing campaign to break into what it calls "billion people." next "worldwide. high-end equipment.


- Quick installation: Due to its small size, download size: less than 10MB, the application download to your computer is extremely fast, installs in a snap and takes very little storage space.

- Fast operation speed: Users can send text messages, images or links to anyone using Messenger, Messenger Lite or Facebook Lite.

- Data saving: The application loads quickly, runs efficiently, and uses less mobile data. Running on ultra-low-profile Android devices is super smooth and doesn't consume network data and save space for other applications. Using Messenger Lite helps you save more money if you connect to the Internet using 3G.

- Works on all networks everywhere: Contact people when you are in an area with a slow or unstable Internet connection. Messenger Lite is designed to work on both 2G networks and areas with slow, unstable Internet connections. If the network connection is broken, your message will be saved and automatically sent when the network signal.

- Works on most phones: You can use Messenger Lite for most 2.3 and older phones, new or old, including Gingerbread.

- Contact anyone on Messenger, Facebook or Facebook Lite.

- See when people are active and can chat.

- Text people or groups directly for updates or planning.

- Send photos, links or express yourself with stickers.

- Free live voice and video calls over Wi-Fi. Talk for as long as you like, even with people from other countries!

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