Messenger Kids

Messenger Kids apk is a Facebook application launched for children under 13, for children to chat, text with family and friends more safely, and can be controlled from their parents' Facebook account.

After surveying thousands of parents, associations, and parenting experts, Facebook's developers found a messaging app that allowed children to connect with their friends but be in control. of the parents to some extent. And Messenger Kids was launched.

Messenger Kids opens up a new online communication world for families, like video calling to chat with grandparents, keeping in touch with siblings who live far away, or sending photos to parents when they have to work late in the company. Messenger Kids is now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Today, children are exposed to electronic devices such as tablets or smartphones very early. This makes parents worry that their children may be exposed to bad content and bad audiences. Messenger Kids has a full-featured feature for children to connect with the people they love, but with parental controls.

Messenger Kids app gives parents more control. To be able to use Messenger Kids, adults will log in with their account, set up profiles and who can interact with your baby. As such, parents have complete control over the contact list and when they start a video chat with the person in the contacts or make friends with others, both parents need to be approved.

Children can send messages, make video calls, and send photos via Messenger Kids. This application does not have gaming features, send money or many other complex operations as in the adult version of Messenger.

A library of GIFs, picture frames, stickers, masks, and drawing tools is also integrated into this messaging app to let your baby decorate the content and show their personality.

Features of Messenger Kids

- Parents have more control

- Children communicate more happily

- Messenger Kids easy to use

- Safer for children

How to use Messenger Kids

- Download Facebook Messenger Kids for iPhone to your child's device, including iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.

- Next, verify the adult account used to control the child, this will not create an additional Facebook account or allow children to access your account.

- After successful verification, enter the name of the child you want to control, then it can use Facebook Messenger Kids to chat with friends.

- If anyone chats with the child, if you want to add your nick you will be the one who gets the message. If you allow the person to chat, the entire content will not be displayed.

With Facebook Messenger Kids, you can be more secure when your children use social networks and typically Facebook Messenger, avoiding the risk of outside stalking, hoping Messenger Kids will continue to improve and upgrade again.