Messages app is a Google application developed to meet the needs of users using SMS and MMS messages on the Android platform and is considered a lighter version than the version used on operating systems. The android operating system was old. Messages have added some new functions and improved features.

With Messages, you'll experience the ability to send and receive text messages to other phone numbers simply like never before, with just a few taps, including messages containing images, videos, and even audio messages. Messages allow you to search for contacts directly from the app and block phone numbers from sending SMS messages to your phone - this feature is often used when you don't want to be disturbed by someone.

In addition, Messages apk also owns a collection of emojis and diverse stickers, increasing the expressiveness and attractiveness of your chat content. You can share your location, save messages, change the color of the chat frame or send or receive money from friends, etc.

Features of Messages

- Share faster: choose or take photos and videos directly from the app and share easily. You can even send audio messages.

- Easy to search: search through contacts and conversation topics to find exactly what you need

- Purposeful design: new, flexible, intuitive and interesting Material Design interface

- Better control: the ability to block the sender of incoming messages. You won't be bothered by annoying messages with Messages.

- Other features: voice messages, emoticon support, text color, archived messages, and more.

How to use Messages

- Open the Messages app on your device and click on the "03 dots" icon> click on the "Messages for web" option.

- On the computer, access the address ""> proceed using your phone to scan the QR code just displayed on the computer.

Meanwhile, all your SMS will be synchronized on the computer. You can instant message on the web by selecting New conversation or selecting the message conversation with the person you want to send. The cost of texting will be deducted from your subscription account like SMS texting on the phone.

Messages app is designed with a fairly simple interface with a list of conversations on the left-hand side. The selected dialog box will expand on the right-hand side, similar to the interface of many instant messengers currently used on computers. Content, photos, stickers... are synchronized between devices and appear on the chat. Download Messages to your chatting machine and send messages to friends and relatives for free.