Merge Plane apk

Merge and grow your airline in the famous game Merge Plane - Click & Idle Tycoon! Have you ever wanted to be a captain? Have you ever wanted to be an aerial giant? Control your own parking apron and airway. Buy, merge and manage your aircraft so you can make them fly to make money! Start your aviation empire today! Merging planes - Click & Idle Tycoon is one of the best idle airplane evolution games. Merge aircraft types to get higher level planes. Then book the plane on the airlines to work for you. Tons of money will come to you, it has never been so easy.

You can go to the skateboard like a real airplane pilot when you play Merge Airplane: Click & Idle Tycoon on your computer. Take charge of your own fleet of cars as you race around the tracks scoring great rewards. As you progress, you'll expand your parking apron to give you more room to park your brand new aircraft. Use these points to merge planes to create new and interesting models.

This is a family-friendly game, accessible to everyone regardless of age or gaming experience. The controls are so simple that anyone can pick up the Merge Plane and start playing. Just click on a plane and drag it onto a suitable plane to create something new to fly around. Play Unifying Plane on PC and Mac to start your new career.

Features of Merge Plane apk

- Family friendly

When you download Unified Plane, you will never have to worry about your children seeing anything that is violent, sexual or listening to anything they are not allowed to do. Merge Plane provides simple controls and a clean user interface so that children can easily play the game.

- Ability to play widely

There are countless aircraft to collect when you play Merge Plane, but the developers are always updating the game to include new and improved aircraft types and models.
So, if your children tend to run through game content quickly or have difficulty concentrating, then they will certainly like the spacious gameplay available to them in the Merge Plane.

- Flooded with ads

There is nothing wrong with developers adding a few ads to their free downloads, after all, mobile developers also have to make a living. However, when you include a lot of ads that you spend more time watching those ads than playing games, there is a serious problem with the game being out of balance.

How to play Merge Plane game

Start playing an exciting simulator game in which you will play as a captain and manage your own airline with thousands of different planes and from there your income will skyrocket. Feel like a real aerial giant, connecting identical planes to get a faster and more beautiful model where you'll double your money and launch into the air. Create a great aviation empire and become a tycoon of this business.

- Tap and drag the plane to merge with the other plane at the same level.

- Drag planes and free them on airlines, to earn coins.

- Open dropped plane box, merge, upgrade and fly.