Megogo apk

Megogo is an application for watching movies and shows in many countries around the world. The app contains hundreds of TV channels, thousands of TV series and cartoons for all ages in Full HD mode and no ads.

Features of Megogo

The Megogo app is a huge repository of more than 100 top-rated TV channels, more than 10,000 movies covering a variety of genres such as cartoons, educational programs or arthouse from the world's leading studios: Disney, Marvel, DC, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, Universal, BBC, Nickelodeon, Discovery.

You can watch most shows and movies directly for free and be recorded with the ability to rewind. Or you can download videos to your computer to watch when there is no internet connection. Downloading videos can be done simultaneously by watching your videos. You can download multiple videos at the same time and review them whenever you want.

Hollywood blockbusters and new movies with the ability to select audio clips, subtitles, and video quality; The video can change the quality mode, change subtitles to suit user needs.

You can easily choose a movie from the genre and rating options. Search for a specific movie on the search section or search through the catalog.

You can easily stream videos from your smartphone to the TV, which is very fast and extremely simple, as long as your device has the same wifi as the TV.

You can leave reviews and comments on the videos.

Create favorites lists for each topic so you can easily review them.

Unique configuration for viewing on all devices: Smart TV, control panel, tablet, PC, smartphone.

For the children's audience, there is already a great collection of children's cartoons and channels available.

Easily turn on exclusive live broadcasts of concerts, festivals, sports, and esports events.

Most videos have subtitles in different languages, making it easy for viewers everywhere to watch shows or movies.

To install and use Megogo apk, you need to allow the app to access the device. This access is not unsafe for your device, it is safe and legal, it does not violate any laws here, not viruses.

With this app, in addition to watching your favorite shows, you can also chat with like-minded people and meet new friends everywhere and can meet you if you're near each other.

The video has ratings and reviews to let you know what's good and decide what to watch, which doesn't take much of your time, and you can submit similar reviews.

The manufacturer always tries to create good applications, but it is inevitable that if there is any suggestion, please contact the manufacturer to improve the application.