Nowadays, with the development of the system of online learning applications and utilities, it is easier to make friends with foreigners. Making friends helps expand cultural exchanges, increasing the ability to communicate in English for a lot of people. To shorten the geographical distance, there are many chat apps with foreigners to help you do that.

MEEFF apk is an app that helps you find Korean friends who want to exchange languages, including Koreans who are learning Vietnamese or are interested in Vietnam who want to make friends with Vietnamese people!

If you want to make friends with her, then press the right button, and press the "X" button on the left if you refuse.

However, you should also be careful because when using this App, good people have a lot but bad people are there! After finding good friends, you can ask their Facebook, KakaoTalk to keep in touch to help each other learn the language, and maybe you will have appointments in real life?

When chatting with your Korean friends, please feel free and confident! If you say it wrong, they will help you quickly correct and also help you correct intonation, pronunciation and teach more things that are not in the book for you anymore. Surely when you have a Korean friend, your level of Korean will greatly increase!

In addition, Koreans have a culture of compliments and compliments. That is why you may have just said "hello" to you who has been praised for being good at Korean, or praised for everything, every aspect. Therefore, when talking with Korean friends, to score points, do not forget to "generously" give them compliments!

Features of MEEFF

  • In the MEEFF community, you can find a significant number of Korean users who want to make international friends or learn foreign languages.
  • From K-pop, K-drama and movies, to Korean food, feel free to share your interest with your Korean friends!
  • Friends from all over the world
  • You will also find lots of international users from all over the world. From your neighborhood to the other side of the world, there's no limit on the far side.
  • Unlimited chats for free
  • Unlimited browse friends and conversations available for free.
  • Until you find your right friends, feel free to browse, feel free to talk to them!
  • We monitor the daily reports

We are monitoring usage reports at any time to ensure a clean and safe community. If you run into any inappropriate users, please report it to us. MEEFF app management team will take timely action.