The best way to confirm the convenience of our Maxim app is to download and start using it to order taxis and other transportation. The ratio is different. Travel between cities and towns, train stations, or airports. Pay by cash or credit card. Discounts and promotional codes.

Since 2003, we have developed cutting-edge technologies to order taxis to make the service more modern, convenient, and safer. Our services can help millions of people save money on trips and cities.

Features of Maxim


If you need a cheap taxi each day, use the "cheap" rate. If you like comfort, choose the "comfort" rate. We also have minivans, buses, and freight.

You can check travel prices before pressing the "Order" button, useful for planned expenses. Don't worry about traffic conditions, you only pay extra for things not specified in the order.

Travel expenses can be paid by cash and credit card. You can use personal accounts, which can be added as needed for work or family travel.

If you use a promotional code or you are a regular customer of our service, you can easily get a discount on the go.

To order

You can order itineraries by filling in the "From" and "Destination" address fields or using the city map. You can also use the positioning feature of the smartphone.
Pre-ordering helps you plan your trip at a convenient time.

During the trip, you can add the necessary supplements: specify information about children, animals, luggage, and some other contact phone numbers to book a taxi from your phone, but to order for others.

Launch the app on your Wear OS smartwatch to check order status.

Free cars and drivers delivered to the order address will be displayed on the map.

You can share your journey on the go. This is very important for parents who want to know the safety of their children.

The level of the route affects the drivers ’proficiency and helps improve our service.


Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Georgia, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Cyprus, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Montenegro, Czech Republic.